car odor removal service in Bradenton

Odor Removal Service

Eliminate the pet, smoke, or any other foul odor in your vehicle

The Difference Between Cleaning a Stain and REmoving an Odor 

Removing a coffee stain is completely different than removing a bad smell from the interior. With the stain, you can physically see it and can clearly tell when you’ve removed it.

With a bad odor, you can’t see it. You don’t know exactly where the smell is coming from. Yes, there can be a primary source, like a milk spill, but once the odor has spread across the interior, it is now on all the surfaces. 

The odor removal process is a two-part system: 

First part: Your interior must first be cleaned to ensure the source of smell is removed.

Think about it like a leaking faucet. If you don’t want water on the floor, you don’t just mop up the water when you see. That’s a temporary fix. You’d plug up the leak at the source. 

That’s our first objective to complete and we do that with our Full Interior Cleaning.

If you have a smokers car, although you can’t see much of the smoke, the smell of it is across the entire interior. It’s on the headliner, seat belts, seats, floor mats, plastics, door panels, etc…  So you must thoroughly clean all of it.

Once we’ve completed the cleaning, we’ll go over the entire interior with our steam cleaner on all the surfaces to again eliminate any lingering odor particles. 

What happens if you skip the first step? Well, the likelihood of the smell coming back is very high. You might be able to mask it for a while, but it will return. 

Second part: Eliminate the actual odor 

Now that the interior has been thoroughly cleaned, we can now focus on primarily attacking the odor itself. We’ll do this with a combination of our Ozone machine and thermal fogger.

The Ozone machine reacts with odor molecules by transferring the “extra” oxygen atom of the ozone molecule to the odor molecule, changing its composition so it no longer has the same chemical makeup.


The thermal fogger releases a very fine mist of deodorizing solution across the interior onto all surfaces to eliminate the odor. This is highly effective as it will penetrate into even the smallest and hardest to reach areas.

Once this is complete, the last step we’ll do is disinfect the high-traffic areas like the drivers side, area, center console, and door panels. 

Simple Pricing

General pricing shown below. Actual price is based on size, condition, & type of vehicle.


Odor REmoval FAQ


Do you come to me?
Yes, we’re mobile-based so we can perform this service at your home or apartment. This service can take a while based on the size and condition. For that, we’ll need 4 to 6 hours to complete.

Is the Ozone and thermal fogger safe?
Both machines are used for a specific purpose. We follow proper protocol to ensure we safely eliminate the smell without causing any other harm or damage.

Do odor bombs work to remove smell?
Can it mask a smell? Yes. Can it entirely eliminate a smell? That’s on a case-by-case basis. If your interior is clean, but there’s an odor to it, then perhaps it can be effective.

Can you remove the odor without cleaning the entire interior?
If the interior is already clean, then maybe. It’s still taking a gamble on whether or not that’ll permanently remove the smell as it can take a few days or weeks for it to return. You can’t see the odor, so although the interior may be “clean”, the odor is across many of the surfaces. 

What kind of odors can you remove?
An odor is an odor. We can handle cigarettes, smoke smells, cooking odors, or the most common of pet odor.