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Maintain That New Car Feel All Year Round

Introducing Club Xclusive; a discount packed, member only club for people who love a clean car Year round

Win free details. Get 35% off all maintenance details. Priority booking & much more!

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Subscription Car Detailing in Bradenton

How it works...

1.) First Visit

Once signed up, a technician will be dispatched to your place of residence for a first time visit/vehicle analysis. Our primary goal for all Club Xclusive Members is to reach and maintain a flawless vehicle condition. As a club member, you will receive 15% off all services initially required to reach a flawless condition. If your vehicle is not in need of a heavy detail (interior steam cleaning, shampooing, exterior decontamination, or paint correction) we can start right away with the maintenance rates. In order to preserve your newly perfected vehicle, you will only need monthly/bi-weekly Maintenance Details. If your vehicle goes without maintenance care for more than 12 weeks, your vehicle will no longer qualify for maintenance rates.  

2.) Frequency

After your reset detail is completed, it is now time to book out all of the maintenance details a year in advance. We will ask you if you would like to go with monthly or bi-weekly appointments for your vehicle(s) and then pick a day that works best for you. For example, lets say your car is free on Wednesday evenings and you want to go with the bi-weekly option. We will then schedule you out for a year on every second Wednesday.

3.) Enjoy

Lastly, enjoy an immaculate car year round and never think about getting it done again :)

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Our Curated Maintenance Detail Package

Maintenance Simplified

Exterior (Premium Wash)

1) Clean wheels (faces & barrels), tires, and gas cap

2) Remove bugs and bird droppings

3) Wash vehicle with quality mitts, products, and methods

4) Apply a spray wax for extra shine and protection (lasts a few weeks)

5) Dry vehicle with soft microfiber towel and air blower to blow water out of crevices and wheels

6) Clean exterior glass and windows

7) Dress tires to make them shine

Interior (Mini Interior Detail)

1) Thorough vacuuming of the entire interior (carpet, mats, seats, etc…)

2) Blow out all cracks & crevice's with Air Compressor

3) Wipe down of light dust and debris on all surfaces

4) Deep clean rubber mats & cup holder area

5) Streak-free interior glass and windows

6) Fresh Scent

Non-Club Member $120 - $260

Club Member - $78 - $169

This package is our Premium Wash & Mini Interior Detail services combined

Your Club Xclusive  Membership

Receive unparalleled value 

This is the ultimate way to get your car detailed regularly by a professional

Get entered in a raffal to win a maintenance detail on the first of every month.

Get 35% off all maintenance details

One additional guest vehicle at 20% off for any service (must be in same location)

Get 20%-35% off all add-on services (no limit)

Get Priority Booking

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Subscription Car Detailing in Bradenton

All for $25/Month

Regular maintenance detailing is simply the best way to care for your car. We have selected the perfect combination of paint coating and interior conditioning in our maintenance detail package to give you a year-round protected and clean vehicle.