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Headlight Restoration

Revive the entire look of you car

Your Headlights Will Look Better Than NEw

Whether you just purchased your vehicle, plan on selling it, or just want to give it some well needed TLC, your car will look much better once we’re done.

Not only will a will a headlight restoration revitalize the look of your car, but it will also allow light to pass through the lenses helping your night time driving visibility.

Here’s Our Headlight Restoration Process:

1) Inspect Headlights: We want to make sure the oxidation (yellow haziness) is on the outside of the headlight and not on the inside. If the haziness presents itself on the inside, unfortunately there is nothing we can do.

2) Cover sensitive areas: We will tape around the headlights to make sure the surrounding paint doesn't get damaged.

3) Wet Sand: This is where the heavy work is done with multiple grits of sand paper removing the yellow fogginess.

4) Compound & Polish: Now it’s time to remove the sanding marks with various stages of compounding & polishing to reveal a crystal clear headlight.

5) Ceramic Coating: Finally, we will seal in the finish with a 2 year ceramic coating to preserve the headlights over time.

A lot of our clients believe that their headlights are beyond repair and are blown away when they see what a little detailing can do.

This is great when combined with out Premium Wash service.

Notice: We offer headlight restorations as a stand alone service or paired with one of our other services

Simple Pricing

*NOTE: Certain criteria is required for this service*


Headlight Restoration FAQs

Do you come to me?

Yes, we’re mobile-based so we can perform this service at your home or apartment.

How long does this service take?
It depends on the size and condition, but it typically takes 30 minutes to an hour to complete. If the condition is worse, it’ll take longer.

What if my headlights don't look brand new after you are done?
We never charge for a headlight restoration if we are not able to completely restore them. Sometimes the haziness is caused from an issue on the inside of the lenses. 

Is this a permanent fix? 
No, the yellow "haziness" that presents itself is the clear coat of the headlight failing. Once this is wet-sanded off the headlight is left bare. This is why we apply a 1-2 year ceramic coating to the headlights once we are finished. Without this, the headlights would soon get hazy again. This is no permanent fix, in a couple years you may need another restoration as the weather in Bradenton wears down the headlights.